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Dowsing Meeting for Kitchener and Waterloo area  monthly - 3rd Wednesday of the month

Please note that many of the speakers, while being dowsers themselves, often share other insights and healing information in addition to dowsing.   We are growing in the spectre of information we offer!

Kitchener Dowsers Meeting - Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

Topic:   Working with the Body Code and how to use it!  

I cant tell you how thrilled I am to have one of KW Dowsers own delivering this workshop.  
Dr. Gunter Moeller has been attending our group since its inception.   The workshop he has put together for us/you is incredibly interesting and will be interactive.    Please take note of the highlighted paragraph at the end of this writeup.  

In Gunter's words  ....

My professional background involves chemical engineering (M.Eng. McGill University); high school science teacher and department head, (B.Ed., U. of T.); Chiropractor (Palmer College, Davenport Iowa); Registered Nutritional Consultant (1997).  I also served as a bishop in my church for seven years in Hamilton Ontario (congregation of 350 members).  I am a father of six children and a grandfather of twenty one.  I am currently retired from chiropractic, and have practiced  this current energetic transformational work for the past five years.

As a chiropractor I used primarily the Activator Method Technique. This involves using the feet  as a diagnostic tool, with the patient prone on the table.  A friend introduced me to pendulum dowsing early in my chiropractic career.   One day the idea came to me, that I could use the reading of the feet as a dowsing tool, communicating directly with the body's innate intelligence.  This eventually led me to Reconnective healing, Biogenesis, Emotion code  and Body code work.  Currently my energy practice involves my version of the body code combined with all of my experiential and intuitive skills.

In this workshop we will first briefly review  basic dowsing and muscle testing techniques, as you will be using these skills extensively.

We will discuss the concept of trapped emotions, as first introduced by Dr. Bradley Nelson, another chiropractor, in the late 1990's. See the following websites for further information:  or 

We will demonstrate how to release trapped emotions and allow plenty of time to practice this modality with each other.

We will discuss the basics of Body Code and explainhow to use it.  If there is time, we will give one or more examples using "volunteers".

Please bring your dowsing tools and / or your muscle testing skills as well as a kitchen fridge magnet or equivalent.

Join us for a very informative meeting.  
Location:  Community of Christ Church, 414 Fischer-Hallman Road  [intersection of Hwy 8 and Fischer-Hallman]  Kitchener.
Time:  7-9PM
Cost:  $10.00 cash please, at the door.

For more information contact: Margaret (519-664.3427)
Kitchener/Waterloo weekly group:everyWednesday 7 - 9 pm (September  16 to June)
Guelph Circle Dance
First Saturday of the month 10 am to noon (September to June)$5 donation

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