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Barrie Dowsers

Location:  Suite Success ~
411 Huronia Road, Suite 5,
Barrie , ON

$10.00 fee, cash please

Free Parking in the Front or at the Rear of the Building

If you find the front or back door locked.  Ring the bell & someone will come to let you in. 

2017   Meeting Dates  Jun 12

6:30 pm Dowsing Practice
7:00 pm Speaker Begins
 9:00  pm We finish
                                                                      Contacts  Kathy Wilson (416) 225-3612
Richard Morden  (705) 220-0795
Carol McClure Baltkalns  (705) 527-0881

Monday June 12th , 2017 Dowsing Your Property/House - PART TWO!!  there was just soo much information to impart on the "whats and whys" of house clearing that we decided to continue with "doing it"   and how to clear  the energies that do not support you in your day to day living.  Bring paper, ruler, pendulum and L-rods with you if you have them.   You will be doing hands-on work on your own property.   If you can, please do a simple,  preliminary drawing on the layout of your home or apartment.  It also is very helpful to identify the “North” direction in order to correctly indicate the various energy lines that we will be identifying, amongst other things....actually lots of other things!   We will look at how you can tell there is something “off” energetically in your home just by answering some simple questions; types of energies that can distort your enjoyment of your home; how to shift energies; moving portals that act as pathways for spirit; and hopefully answer some questions for you.
Carol Baltkalns, is a seasoned dowser and recipient of  the “Dowser of the Year” Award for 2017 from the Canadian Society of  Dowsers.  Carol is a full time, committed intuitive  practitioner with over 20 years of experience.   Her approach is multifaceted, blending a wide variety of skill sets she has embraced over the years.   She is an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure Practitioner, Psych-K Facilitator, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual Coach, Teacher and a Dowser/ Geomancer dedicated to supporting her clients reach their goals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Carol  lives in Midland; her website is and her telephone number is 705-527-0881.
Cell - please, text only  705-305-0190


 "Dowsers  Practice Group'" meets once a month in Midland  from 10:00 to 12:00  - around the end of the month but dates vary.  If you are interested in Dowsing, want more practice or enjoy sharing and learning new ideas . Contact Annemarie for the date and location.  
Contact:  Annemarie White (705) 425-7116                                 

Canadian Society of Dowsers Convention
June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2017
Peterborough ON Location:  Peterborough Lions Community Centre
347 Burnham Street, Peterborough, ON K9J 1T5 Energy Healing Symposium 
Virtual Pass Available for  Lectures
Live Access & Replay For More Information:

Alien Cosmic Expos
Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport
June 23-25, 2017 Alien Cosmic Expo explores out of this world phenomena.  Ace is an event that examines extraterrestrial life and occurrences from a scientific perspective, with knowledgeable speakers discussion a wide-range of related topics, as well as an exhibitor space.

Check website for more detailed information re tickets, prices, speakers, etc.,

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