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VOL.1`, ISSUE 9 [July  2015]
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·My Ramblings
·Tools of My Trade - Cellular Memory Correction
·Dowsing – KW & area monthly meeting - NEW!!!!!
·“Mediumship & Metaphysics "
·Quantum Healing Day in October – see additional information below
·Websites of Interest and Attachments of Importance
·Sacred Circle Dancing – Kitchener and Guelph - just be there
My Ramblings….Whenever it is time for me to begin a new newsletter I think I am prepared and know exactly what I am going to share with you. After all, I keep an electronic file with lots of inspiring ideas to kick-start my thoughts. Usually though I sit here at the keyboard wondering what to share and will you find it interesting. So many thoughts run through my mind – it is scary actually how many thoughts stampede at any given time. I remember when I was taking my channelling course with Lori Wilson in Guelph, Ontario [this is mandatory training prior to entering into her Medical Intuition program]……anyway, I was so totally focused on what Lori was saying I was staring at her with such focus that she stopped what she was saying and commented that she could hear the drone my thoughts penetrating her mind and perhaps I needed to relax a bit. I have never forgotten that and it was the first time I became aware of the complexities of my mind. What a joy…..well, most of the time. I almost feel sorry for anyone trying to “get into my mind”.
Today I was working with a client and was once again reminded of the importance of not using the word “want”. Here is my reasoning. You are invited to adopt it as yours if you wish. In the book “Conversations with God” [first of the trilogy by Neal Donald Walsh] God is asked why not all prayers are answered. God responds that all prayers are answered. Then Neal responds [don’t quote me verbatim on this] that he keeps asking for what he wants but nothing happens. God responds that everything has happened and that his prayers have been fully answered. So, if you used the words “I want ___” this is “|God’s” reasoning: the first word is the noun and the second word is the requested action. Your prayer for action [WANT] is answered by continually being in a state of wanting. Perhaps a bumper sticker saying “ban the word “want” from our vocabulary would be a good place to start. Getting creative on how we put forth our desired action is a good idea and it means you have to put some thought into it as well. Have fun creating instead of “wanting”! Hugh difference
I am going to share with you an amazing experience I had just after releasing the last newsletter in July. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a Higher Power that we are all connected to and are part of. Doing the work I do leaves absolutely no room for doubt. For me, that is a big “T” Truth and is absolute. I do want to thank my friend for giving me permission to share this experience with you. For this was, you see, one of those rare times that I was not the only person having such an amazing experience and that in itself is part of the gift.
My friend had come over to share in a cup of tea and talk about our spiritual beliefs; at least that is the way the conversation went. We sat outside in my small side garden, just inside the gate leading into the back yard. I have a small sitting area there that is surrounded by lots of greenery, a few rocks and a small pond that provides soothing sounds of water movement. It is truly a relaxing spa for times of stress. But, we were not stressed; we were happily engaged in a lively conversation about our beliefs. I know I was pleasantly surprised to learn how much we had in common. We spoke of Gaia [Mother Earth] and Pan [a Greek God who is recognized as the god of fields, groves, and wooded glens and is often depicted playing pipes] and how we could almost feel their earthly presence as we sat there surrounded by my small gardens. For some reason that conversation led us to talking about God and where does one actually find this powerful presence.
I have often heard the Book of Thomas [don’t bother looking in the Bible, sadly it is not there] quoted for this information . . . “it is written that Jesus said the kingdom of God is in you and all about you, not in a building of stone and wood. Split a timber and I am there, look under a stone and you will find me.” Those words have often fed my soul when I am in a church and am not feeling “that feeling” but having a sense of being surrounded by a holy presence when I am out in the garden or walking through the woods or paddling my feet in a stream. They are powerful words and as I mentioned those words to my friend, I noticed a huge bubble, about 6 feet in circumference emerge from under a rock that rests in my garden, just a few feet from where we were sitting. Not only did it emerge looking very much like the bubbles kids blow with those little kits of watery soap, it encircled us where we sat and stayed there for a few moments. Both of us were in awe of this incredible moment and I know I felt immensely blessed as I know my friend did. It is difficult to put words to paper to give you the full measure of the experience. If you can imagine even a part of the feelings we had - call it “bliss” if you like, then I am happy.
As for the rest of the summer, it has been great with the exception of coming down with a flu-like virus that laid me low for nearly four weeks. However, that being said, I may have been physically not moving around a lot but my mind knew no boundaries and has been chomping at the bit to get back to being creative. Some of you are aware that I do/did stained glass as a hobby with most of the work being one-of-a-kind creations. This summer has found me hungering to once again open up my creativity and I have plans to launch a series called “Spirit Rising” in stained glass. Hopefully I will have the premier piece done by Christmas and will publish more information about it at that time. The story is as beautiful and inspiring as the actual piece will be upon completion. In the meantime, I have attached a file on a friend of mine who lives in Elora who has recently opened up her own working glass studio. Please contact her direct if you are interested in more information about some of the pieces that are shown. Better yet, it is a great time for a drive to Elora and you can go in and browse around her studio. Great gifts for special or “just because” occasions!!! Who knows, you may even see me working in her studio on my newest creation.
I am presently working with some people to present workshops and speaking engagements on various topics. As soon as these are confirmed I will let everyone know and if you are interested and would like to attend, that would be great!
TOOLS OF MY TRADE - Cellular Memory Adjustments
In my last Newsletter I realized that many of you don’t really know how I work with people so I set out to provide you with a bit more information about the techniques I use to help people live their lives with more grace and ease. Seeing a “title” such as “Cellular Memory Adjustments” really does not let you know what it is about or why it is even an issue for you or why it may be a process that can help you. Here are some notes I have made for other presentations describing the Cellular Memory Adjust work I do. Perhaps it will lead you to one of those “ahha moments” or at the very least provide some fodder for your thoughts.
Virtually every experience of daily living results from learned data and belief patterns which are stored or encoded as cellular memory in your body somewhere. This is true for learning to, say, walk and talk, relationships, work, etc. It is also possible to have cellular memory encoded from maternal and fraternal lineage experiences and beliefs and also from past life experiences, especially when it pertains to a traumatic death experience where the memory of anger, fear or longing is "locked in" at the moment of transition, or death if you like. The good news is, they are are not locked in there for all time. They can be released and new "memories" encoded.
This life time – trauma – from before actual birth [familial information locked into the walls of the womb that are transferred to the fetus] to present time injuries[Stevan J. Thayer]
Physical trauma like accidents, cuts, bruises, surgeries, or abuse.
Emotional trauma like heartache, fear, guilt, and anger.
Mental trauma that manifests in low self-esteem, unworthiness, worry, etc.
Past life – trauma – specific events that are held in memory and impact you now, generally a memory, curse, a declaration or a promise locked in at a point of death, but not always – could be a survived trauma that filters in such as a particularly traumatic wound.
Organ TransplantCellular Memory Phenomenon is also a term doctors coined for the personality and behaviour changes that people undergo after organ transplants. I believe this is not the consciousness being transplanted from the individual who has died, but rather a vibration of memories and or thoughts that are locked into the transplanted organ. Here are some stories:
Claire Sylvia............Claire Sylvia who received a heart and lung transplant in the 1970′s from an eighteen year old male donor who had been in a motorcycle accident. None of this information was known to Sylvia, who upon waking up claimed she had a new and intense craving for beer, chicken nuggets, and green peppers, all food she didn’t enjoy prior to the surgery. Sylvia wrote a book about her experiences after learning the identity of her donor called “A Change of Heart”,which has also been made into a movie.
Bill Wohl ................Bill was a hard-driving self-described type A executive until cardiac disease nearly killed him in 2000. A heart transplant at the University of Arizona medical center saved his life—and transformed it in ways he could never have imagined. Weeks after his operation, Wohl, now 58, heard a song on the radio by the British vocalist Sade. “I just started crying and rocking,” he recalls. Odd, since before the surgery, Wohl hadn’t heard of Sade and was not the type to mist up over a torch song. Later he contacted the family of organ donor Michael Brady, the 36-year-old Hollywood stuntman whose heart he had received, and made an intriguing discovery. Sade was one of Brady’s favourite singers. “It was,” says Wohl, “really, really freaky.”
There are actually quite a few examples out there, some of them quite spectacular, such as a woman whose blood type changed after a liver transplant.
Does making changes to your cellular memory actually accomplish anything? Well, here is one client’s response to that question when we did a past life memory adjustment:
“From age 11, an overwhelming feeling of grief has overshadowed most of my life - I had a dream in which my brother (in the dream) died, and I was inconsolable for several months. Up until a few months ago, my emotional reactions at times resembled those of a young person, not a mature adult. A couple of years ago I saw Carol and she was able to "send on" the spirit of a young boy who had been riding along with me - when she did that, I could feel the physical effect of more space in my chest area, and could feel the pinch of the energetic hook when it was dislodged. This definitely helped my emotional situation, and resolved a lot of these feelings of grief. However, there was still feelings I was puzzled about - the odd feeling of "well, this is all there is", etc. which is DEFINITELY not how I feel about life!
At the Quantum Healing Day [at Unity Church in Kitchener], I asked Carol about this same situation and that I wanted to get to the bottom of this. She was able to contact a previous life where I was a pair of conjoined twins - I immediately knew they were Chinese, and could see them laying in the barn, with the sun shining through a hole in the roof where they had been abandoned and left to die. They were about 11 years old (my age when I had the "grief" dream, and the age of the little boy that Carol had moved on for me a few years ago) - and with that kind of connection, no wonder I had the strange feelings of "well, this is all there is" – I was just having them in the wrong life! I went back to the twins, energetically, and was able to comfort them, and let them know that we had moved on - we got them separated, and I promised to look after them and they turned into twin pillars of golden light, and alighted in my heart. That was quite a wow moment.....since then, I have actually been able to cry with happiness, instead of it immediately turning into grief, and my feelings are far more "appropriate" for my age. The pillars have moved up into my crown chakra, and I feel that they will eventually reintegrate wherever they need to be. I can't thank Carol enough for that 10 minutes of work that basically emotionally freed up my life. I plan on having more work with her, and can't recommend her highly enough. A million thanks, Carol!" CB
“I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.”
Albert Einstein
“What is Dowsing”you may be asking yourself. In its simplest form, it is the outward expression of an inner knowing – your claircognisance [knowing] or intuition if you like. It has been practiced for 1000’s of years and there are even depictions of people using the L-rods on the walls of Egyptian temples and tombs. Most people may be familiar with it under the old name of “water witching” when a “Y” branch from a tree was used to locate water. Well, people still use dowsing to locate water but generally with other tools of the trade. Dowsing can be incorporated into your everyday life around decision making, healing, locating objects, clearing energies that are not in your highest and best interest, and so many more things like creating harmonious space in your home. Come learn some things about dowsing, how to use the equipment, how to ask the right question [very important!!], listen to Master Dowsers offer guidance and teachings, and most importantly have time to practice and practice more. If you are a dowser……well, here is an opportunity to help others learn and grow – I always need experienced help!! I will also be offering workshops around different areas of dowsing separate from the monthly meetings and will keep you informed as they are created.
I will have some pendulums and L-rods available to use during the meeting; if you have your own, please bring it. I am excited about the renewed interest in dowsing. It is truly a wonderful art form that is for everyone and is literally at your fingertips!!!
I am thrilled that I have managed to secure a location that is inexpensive to re-start the Kitchener/Waterloo dowsing group. The focus will be on practicing and learning the art of dowsing. On occasion I would also like to invite other experienced dowsers to come in and talk about their experiences. If you are interested, please let me know. I will be assisted by a friend of mine, Irene Grozelle. Cost will be minimal, $10 per evening. We will be running the 4 Wednesday of every month from 7-9 pm beginning September 26, 2012. Location: Community of Christ, 414 Fischer-Hallman Rd. [intersection of Hwy 8 and Fischer-Hallman], Kitchener, ON N2M 4Y1
October 24th is the next date - plan to attend
For additional information on dates, please look under the
my webtab "Dowsing and Geomancing.
It is always helpful to know numbers for setting/staging the room where we will be meeting. If you are coming, please confirm by emailing me at
Websites of interest:
1) this is a great short movie about recognizing women’s heart attacks – which are on the rise!!!
2) Check out an e-magazine for holistic and conscious living: Lots of information when you start to scroll deeper into the magazine. I believe it is free!!!
3) We hear so much about mankind’s inaction to help other sentient beings on this earth. Please watch this video all the way thru and know that we can make a difference!!
Mediumship & Metaphysics”
[M&M’s will never look the same!]
learning, sharing and practicing
104 Monteagle Cres., Kitcheher
Carol Baltkalns, Facilitator
October 24th 10:00 am until noon
Confirmation of attendance requested
Fee is $10.00 per session – open attendance
This group will be running every other Wednesday starting October 24th.
While I am the primary facilitator, I encourage others attending to share their understandings and techniques they have learned along the way. There will be lots of time for practicing your psychic and mediumship abilities. You do not have to have had experience, just a desire. Practicing in a group environment offers a deeper experience and the energy required goes up with the number of people participating. Most of all, it is FUN and you meet great people!!!
October 20 - 10 am to 5 pm
$2.00 entry
Sponsored by Unity Church
2631Kingsway Drive, Kitchener for additional information
I will be here offering my services – if interested, please come and book early or call me to reserve a time. 20 minute sessions for $10.00.
I will be alternating 15 min. on and 15 min. off – at least that is my intention.
I will also be doing a talk on Recapitulation and Cellular Memory Correction and will be touching on the topic of rebuilding your energetic core.
What a perfect way to embrace fall by “exploring the fields of energy” offered by 24 Different Modalities and Products and a Speakers’ Corner. Always wondered what a medium does? Curious about Reflexology? How about crystals, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Angel Readings, Healing Art work, Magnetics, Massage, Cellular Memory work, Energy Retrieval, Healing Betar, Astrology, more. People attending the April Quantum Healing Day were very impressed with the quality and integrity of the work and products offered. Those offering their services are professionals in their field and will be more than happy to give you a sample treatment for a small fee in alignment with the Universal energy exchange concepts. This is a great opportunity to explore the many options available to you as companion or alternative therapies. Examples: Betar, Crystals, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Angel Card and Intuitive Readings, Energy Retrieval [Recapitulation], Cellular Memory Correction, Past Life Work, Spirit inspired artwork, Magnetics, Massage, Accupresure, to name only a few.
Mark your calendar, call a friend or two, have a bite to eat at the Angel Food Café [great food – blessed by angels so no calories!!!] and enjoy yourself exploring Quantum Healing options.
SACRED CIRCLE DANCING … it starts back in September.
For more information contact: Margaret (519-664.3427)
Kitchener/Waterloo weekly group: everyWednesday 7 - 9 pm (September to June)
Church of the Good Shepherd (corner of Margaret and Queen St opposite Centre in the Square - enter via door at back of parking lot)
$5 donation (Facilitators: Catherine, Audrey, Margaret & Shoshona)

All welcome [men and women] - all dances are taught - many are meditative, others are lively. The dance tradition was seeded from the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland.
Guelph Circle Dance
First Saturday of the month 10 am to noon (September to June) $5 donation
Harcourt United Church, 87 Dean Avenue, Guelph (note: venue changes depending on availability). All Welcome...just show up and dance dance dance!! (Facilitators: Shoshona & Audrey)
May you express love every second, smile every minute, laugh every hour, sing every day and may you be the highest expression of who you are in all ways, always!
Abundant Blessings,
I love receiving your emails about any of the topics I have written about, or perhaps a topic you would like me to discuss.
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