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VOL.3, ISSUE 9 [December 2012] 

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  • Tools of My Trade Stained Glass Artist – a different vision·

  • §The Gathering – new 
  • §Dowsing – KW & area monthly meeting – updates 
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  • Sacred Circle Dancing – Kitchener and Guelph - just be there

My Ramblings
We survived!! At least the doomsday soothsayers are scratching their heads and wondering what really happened and all those folks who invested in reinventing a survival bunker certainly did not get their money’s worth. I am not sad at their failure to realize their vision. . Personally, I think 12/12/12 and 21/12/12 unfolded in the exact and perfect way the Universe intended. Many people are now looking at their roles/decisions/choices in their life in a different way and waking up to realizations that perhaps what they had thought was true for them may be changing and other, more exciting options, are opening up for them. AND, they are not fighting these potential changes and possibilities; they are embracing them. I am a prime example of this. 

Last month I wrote about how I was now moving into the flow of writing my book specifically around my experiences with people around their crossing over [dying] process. Well, it is still true only it is once again being moved to the shelf hopefully for only a brief period. I am learning not to fight the changes as they flow through and around me, but to appreciate how thoughts feel in my body. In other words, do I feel excited and eager to follow through or do I feel cautious and not sure if “it” is the right thing for me in that moment. In other words, if it doesn’t feel right in my gut, it probably isn’t going to feel right in my heart! A friend of mine, G, brought together a small group of women who are all wanting to write a book – actually most of us have several on our minds. Naturally the book I wrote about last month was right up front in my mind when I went to our first meeting. There was one critical element that came up in this meeting; this was to be about publishing an “e-book”. Hmm, not sure if you have done that, but it certainly calls for the publication of books that are smaller and more condensed and succinct . 

 When I left the meeting I was very pleased but as I began the 40 minute drive home my mind began to retaliate at the idea of putting boundaries around the amount of information I would include; after all, this book was about real people and real events with very serious meaning. I just could not boil it down, I just couldn’t do it! The pure truths and essences were way too important. Not that e-books don’t honour the content, it was just my issue around that!When I got home, I sat and brainstormed some ideas and came up with two possibilities. So the first one I am going to work on is based on a 3 hour workshop that I have presented many, many times that people seemed to really like. “Relief at Your Fingertips” is about sharing different ways that individuals, untrained in any kind of energy work, can help themselves. It was originally borne five years ago when I was asked by Hopespring Cancer Centre in Kitchener if I could present a workshop that would empower their clients to help themselves. So that is the ebook I will be working on. I could write more but I think I will wait until it is ready to be offered out in e-publish form. I am guessing sometime in the Spring. You will all know when it is available on my website – TRUST ME, YOU WILL KNOW!!!! 

TOOLS OF MY TRADE!The other “unfoldment” began last August while I was working with a client through grief around her daughter’s passing two years earlier. It was without doubt an extraordinary experience for both of us and was orchestrated by my guide “Soultalker” who provided very clear instructions on how to work with her using very specific visions of white light rain, white butterflies [meaning transformation and/or rebirth] and spirit essence. That night I had a dream and was shown a beautiful stained glass panel that incorporated all of the visuals I had been given and directed to use during the day with my client. [So, here I apologize to all of you who have heard this story – several times! There are many who are not aware so please, I ask your patience one more time!!] I was instructed to make this stained glass panel – a process that I have not done in at least 6 years. Being up for the challenge I did just that; recreating what I had seen in a paper design format – cutting paper patterns and then the glass patterns – foiling, soldering - you name it. While I was engaged in the creation of this piece, entitled “Spirit Rising”, I learned a lot about creating stained glass much of which was a remembering from what my original teacher had taught me but also some new learnings as well. 

 Soultalker is a loving and insistent taskmaster but it was finally completed. During the process I was also instructed that I would [note here, not “could”, but “would”] offer this type of creative glass to others as a way of holding in memory a loved one or a special event unique to them.To say I am pleased with the outcome is putting it mildly. I had the nerve to actually submit “Spirit Rising” into a juried art show and was accepted. The show is a joint effort by Unity Kitchener and Alzheimer Kitchener January 18th 7-9pm. Please see the link for additional information. [Walls of Art Memory Show]. 

Since this happened I have been honoured to work with another client who had lost two children at birth. I contacted these two children [my medium side] and what a joy it was to see her face light up as they validated who they were through experiences I would have not known about. When we finished our session, she commissioned a panel. I am currently working on its design and I know she will love it – it is as unique as she and her connection with her children in spirit are.To see “Spirit Rising” and a sampling of my other stained glass pieces which are my custom creations, with the exception of the lampshade, please go to my website and the banner on the left side called “Stained Glass Art”. If you are interested in commissioning a unique piece of inspired stained glass art, please give me a call and we can talk about what your vision is. 519/578-3526 or at .


With the addition of The Gathering, I realized that I am offering three monthly meetings. The Gathering is being reborn after being in dormancy for near 2-/2 years primarily through requests to have it started up again. The Dowsing is six months old and is being well received by those who are practiced dowsers and those who are wanting to learn. The Metaphysics & Mediumship group has been moved to a monthly evening meeting to accommodate those who are working during the day. So, read on and learn more. You may be interested in one or perhaps all. Regardless , we would love to have you join us. 

DOWSING: The Kitchener/Waterloo Monthly Dowsing Group is off to a great start, with four well attended meetings under its belt! Mark Wednesday, January 16, 2013 for the next meeting. The focus of the KW Group will be on practicing and learning the art of dowsing. On occasion I would also like to invite other experienced dowsers to come in and talk about their experiences. If you are interested, please let me know. I will be assisted by a friend of mine, Irene Grozelle. Cost is minimal, $10 per evening. We will be running the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7-9 pm Location: Community of Christ, 414 Fischer-Hallman Rd. [intersection of Hwy 8 and Fischer-Hallman], Kitchener, ON N2M 4Y1 It is always helpful to know numbers for setting/staging the room where we will be meeting. If you are coming, please confirm by emailing me at

  •  Here are some dowsing websites that you may find interesting: - revised instructions for dowsing for beginners and onward by Walt Woods, a master dowser from the USA, now in spirit. Excellent tutorial. 
  • Canadian Society of Dowsers – a national group with subgroups and independent local groups [such as the KW dowsers]. They hold several conferences a year
  • A bit of a renegade, and even though I have not met him personally, he is one of my favourite! We will be watching some of his training DVD’s – I have notes already to go with these so you just have to watch and enjoy! Then practice of course.

You can also check out the sidebar to your left "Dowsing and Geomancing"
for some more additional information and some the work I have been involved in as a dowser. 

MEDIUMSHIP & METAPHYSICS Lovingly called “the M&M” Group. This is a group open to sharing and practicing various psychic and mediumship practices. We meet for two hours and I try to make sure we spend at least half of that time doing readings and giving messages to each other. 

 If you are curious and have no experience, please don’t let that keep you away. The regulars in this group are more than open to helping those who are new to these skills. It always amazes me when we have new people attending who say, “I have never done this and this is all I got”. So, the fact that they “got” something is wonderful, but, they quite often get more than anyone else. “Spirit” inspiration, I am sure. 

 When this group started we met on a weekly basis on Wednesday mornings. Over time, busy schedules made that timeline difficult to honour, so we moved to every other week. We have continued to meet on this time line yet I felt there were many who were not able to join us so, during our last meeting just before Christmas it was discussed that we move to an evening offering starting with one evening a month. Should you or perhaps some of your friends wish to meet more than this, we can talk about it.

Location: 104 Monteagle Cres.,Kitchener. Timing: The second Monday of the month from 7-9 PM. Starting January 14. Fee is $10.00 per session and attendance is open. Confirmation of attendancerequested to my email for planning purposes. While I am the primary facilitator, I encourage others attending to share their understandings and techniques they have learned along the way. There will be lots of time for practicing your psychic and mediumship abilities. You do not have to have had experience, just a desire. Practicing in a group environment offers a deeper experience and the energy required goes up with the number of people participating. Most of all, it is FUN and you meet great people!!! And of course, I have only mentioned the psychic/mediumship portion - lots to learn from others who are facilitators of healing.  


“The Gathering” ran for nearly three years when I first moved to the Kitchener /Waterloo area. When I started it, there were very few groups of its kind and it was met with great enthusiasm. My “circle of influence” – basically, those I knew at the time, was very small but it did grow and spawned many other groups as well. At the time, I was fine with this “spawning” but these groups have now dissipated and there are many others who are now seeking to connect in a “like minded” group to explore other possibilities beyond that which is normally accepted. 

Our first new Meeting of Minds, will be on January 28, and will run thereafter on the 4 Monday of the month. Location is at my home, 104 Monteagle Crescent, Kitchener. Fee is $20.00 per person and I would ask that if you are coming, please let me know via email. Different topics will be offered by those who are knowledgeable in their field for learning and expanding your present understanding and a chance to ask questions. Also, this group offers you an opportunity to network and pass out your business cards and brochures. 

 Because of the nature of The Gathering, we will be meeting from 6:30 to 9:30 with a ½ hour break in between for light refreshments and networking. January 28 , our Guest Speaker is Norah Nasturas an experienced astrologer who will be sharing her passion. see Norah’s talk/sharing will provide information about how and why this "mysterious" art of Astrology works, and how this new year, 2013, will touch us following the energies of each individual personal zodiacal sign. If we know how to take advantage in relationship with timing, potential or path, our lives will be more easy. The most important things Astrology give us, are frames of time, organization/priorities and directions in the 3 levels: Body, Mind, Spirit/soul. Norah began her study out of curiosity in 1977 first in Europe, Switzerland and since 2000 she has studied in India learning to go deeper. Norah says “I really think Astrology is the only way to learn about ourselves in the most objective way and to know about the person we are and our relationship with the universe - Microcosms and Macrocosms relationships. 


For more information contact: Margaret (519-664.3427) mgrocke@rogers.comKitchener/Waterloo weekly group: everyWednesday 7 - 9 pm (September to June)Church of the Good Shepherd (corner of Margaret and Queen St opposite Centre in the Square - enter via door at back of parking lot)
$5 donation (Facilitators: Catherine, Audrey, Margaret & Shoshona)

All welcome [men and women] - all dances are taught - many are meditative, others are lively. The dance tradition was seeded from the spiritual community of Findhorn in Scotland. 

Guelph Circle Dance
First Saturday of the month 10 am to noon (September to June) $5 donation
Harcourt United Church, 87 Dean Avenue, Guelph (note: venue changes depending on availability). All Welcome...just show up and dance dance dance!! (Facilitators: Shoshona & Audrey) 

Thank you for reading through my rather lengthy newsletter.  

May you express love every second, smile every minute, laugh every hour, sing every day and may you be the highest expression of who you are in all ways, always! 

Abundant Blessings, Carol 

I love receiving your emails about any of the topics I have written about, or perhaps a topic you would like me to discuss.

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