SoulTalker... - Intuitive Personal Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Dowser
“Carol offers a great balance of interesting stories and simple techniques.  There's always some action I can take immediately using the step by step information she provides.  Carol is a 'humble presenter', meaning that she presents heart-to-heart, rather than from a place of ego.
Other descriptors include: accessible, down-to-earth, explains complex processes in easy-to-understand terms, and de-mystifies the esoteric”
                   thanks so much for sharing your light!!!!  NE

I believe in teaching and sharing what I know and enjoy speaking to those who are curious about possibilities beyond our normal understanding and five senses.   
I seek to remove fear of the unknown and in doing so remove barriers to moving forward with our life’s truth.
I am a storyteller.   I use real life experiences to capture the imagination and shift the listener from guarded curiosity to considering possibilities that are now being hinted at through the study of Quantum Physics.
I will be happy to share my experiences with your group.

I am presently in the process of writing my book about my interactions with "Spirit, Ghosts and Other Dimensions!"    I also offer a Storytelling event on this topic, ranging from an hour to an hour and a half.   If you would like me to present to a group please contact me at  

Educator / Trainer
Over the past 15 years, I have taught many workshops which include:   Reiki, Introduction to High Touch Jin Shin, Akashic Records, Hand Heart Healing [prayer based healing technique], Recapitulation, Cellular Memory Clearing,  and Dowsing Beginners - Intermediate, Mapping.    To name only a few.   
I am available to come to your group to share, teach or storytell.    Let me know your topic and I will bring a unique offering.  
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