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I am a committed, full time practitioner, facilitator, life coach and healer and have been practicing since 1995. I studied with such well-known teachers as Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere and Rev. Shelby Hammit in the USA; and Shawna Ross and Lori Wilson in Canada.

As a volunteer, I spent nine years with Hospice Wellington, Guelph and more recently with HopeSpring Cancer Centre in the Kitchener Waterloo Area. I was also the Membership Secretary for the Canadian Society of Dowsers for three years. Prior to starting my wellness practice, I worked in management consulting throughout Canada, the USA and in Asia. I was also co-owner of a printing/publishing company.

Like many people who have walked this path before me, my work has changed over the years and has become a tapistry unique to me. I work as I am guided to by spirit, inspiration, psychic/intuitive insight and dialogue one-on-one with my client to get to the root cause and remove it!

In January of 2012 it became very important for me not to continue to "sell" myself by the tools [Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Psych-K Facilitator, etc.] that I have acquired over these many years. Instead I prefer to be known as a Facilitator of Healing, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Speaker, Intuitive, Dowser, Medium and Stained Glass Artist. It is quite the tapisty - and still it continues to change with each new experience.    

I would be honoured to work with you if you are so inspired.

I work one-on-one with my clients and am available to work in person or over the telephone linking through the Universal Web for distant healing and consultation and guidance. Please contact me at 705-527-0881or at to inquire further.

I am also available to work with groups to help heal their interconnection and to guide them towards growth and opportunity.

My references speak for themselves and my ability to help others attain the help and healing they seek. Please check them out under the side panel `Testimonials`.

If you are wondering what workshops and groups I facilitate, please check out the information under the sidebar "Events".

I have recently moved to Midland [Sept. 2016] and am just beginning my journey in this is inspiring!

My Artistic Side ...

More recently I have begun to embrace my artistic side again and am offering custom stained glass panels that reflect Soul Expressions of those who have crossed over or of special moments in a person`s life. Should this idea speak to you, please see my write-up under the side panel entitled `Stained Glass Art`.

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