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Dowsing .

Dowsing is an ancient skill developed by our ancestors to locate water and has expanded to include many areas that assist us with every day living...and then some! It is, at its very core, an outer expression of an inner knowing. Pendulums, L-Rods and a Bobber are the primary tools I use as a dowser to

  • locate location to drill well or increase water volume if applicable
  • to clear impurities and contaminants from the water, such as sulphur or iron / manganese
  • to search & locate people, places and objects to remove emotional issues from the tissue [healing]
  • to locate, remove or divert subtle energies in a home or office that are non beneficial to your wellbeing

Is Your Home Your Castle Or Your Nightmare?

How can you tell if your home or office would benefit from a clearing of Subtle Energies that may be the cause of many of your concerns about your health and wellbeing? Once identified, many of these disturbance zones can be cleared and harmonized.

Who would benefit?:

  • Not ever feeling settled in your home
  • Chronic health problems that seem to be worse when you spend time at your home, office, or school
  • Feeling run down and tired and everything is an effort
  • Constant restless sleep, nightmares and even insomnia
  • Feeling cold in bed, shivering, grinding of teeth and night sweats
  • Lack of appetite, even vomiting in the morning
  • When away from home you sleep better and wake up fresher
  • Unexplained energy disturbances that cause you distress or concern
  • Unexplained behaviour pattern changes
  • Water leaks that cannot be attributed to man-made sources, i.e. broken pipe, sewage pipe, etc.
  • Pets are increasingly restless or behaviour changes without any known cause
  • Unexplained difficulties in selling your home
  • Child/ren may be more restless at home than at school or vice versa
  • Emotional or mental trauma imprinted in the body of your home or property from domestic violence, grief or previous owners’ experiences
  • Emotional, mental or physical trauma imprinted in the body of your home or property from relationship discord
  • Resistance to medical treatment
  • When waking in the morning, often feeling fatigued with a muzzy head and backache
  • Children are often bed wetting and babies continuously crying
  • Sulphur smell or taste in your water        

These are only some of the issues that can be affected by subtle energies in your home. Subtle Energies may be defined as, but not limited to: Geopathic Stresses which are distorted electromagnetic fields caused by subterranean water, radiation, mineral deposits, fault lines, energy grid or caverns. Man-made include AC currents, microwaves; TV’s, computers, fluorescent lights. Cosmic may be solar flares, spirit intrusion, time line distortion, curses, emotional/thought form residue imprinted in your home, property, office, from previous occupants [alive or deceased] etc.

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Monthly Meetings for Dowsing inspiration

in Kitchener/Waterloo area share, inspire, learn and practice

3rd Wednesday of the month

Location: Community of Christ, 414 Fischer-Hallman Rd. [intersection of Hwy 8 and Fischer-Hallman], Kitchener, ON N2M 4Y1

$10.00 monthly fee

See Listings Under EVENTS for current meeting information

please contact me and let me know if you are coming so I can be sure to have enough handouts, etc.

if you would like more information, please contact Carol at

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