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Midland... VOL.1, ISSUE 1 [May 2017]

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My Ramblings

Introducing The Gathering

My Ramblings…. WOW, I feel like I have walked this path before and it is not just a feeling, it is reality, and it is edgy! I moved almost a year ago from Kitchener to Midland. To say I was drawn to this area is to put it mildly. It was if I had to come to this area; like a force beyond my understanding wanted me here. Do I have regrets...absolutely not! I have felt like this area was"home" to me before I even physically planted my energy and feet here. The air is fresh, the people are friendly, and there are a lot of adventures to keep my active mind busy. That is important to me. And my family...well they are much closer and I get to see them more often and that is a gift beyond description.

Then there is the water, the beautiful water of Georgian Bay. I can go to the edge of the bay every day should I choose to. Mind you winter is a challenge here at times but then I knew that when I moved up here. I was told I would get depressed because of the winter weather. That didn't happen. I had set my mind to embracing whatever came whatever the season. Now it is spring and it is raining. It is fresh, damp and Mother Earth is pushing and nudging new growth from her lair and it smells wonderful and it is refreshing and it is life. I feel blessed to be here.

I have taken it easy since I moved here. Mind you the house I purchased needed renovations and was not available to me for closing the deal for over a month when I moved up. Thank God for friends who supported me and one long time gal friend who let me and Jazz, my cat, share her lovely home with her in Balm Beach. It was a great summer to be obligated to live near the beach! Such hardship. Any time! It was lovely.  

I have spent nearly a year laying down my energy, getting to know the lay of the land, meeting some really nice local folks, engaging in conversations, and participating in art shows which included showing a water colour painting that I did a few years back, at the Quest Art Gallery. I have plans to show some of my stained glass works as well.

I have gradually been getting back to my passion of being an Intuitive Personal Coach, Dowser and Healer, Teacher and a Speaker. I have worked with local people in my home office, worked at a distance with long time clients from Toronto and Kitchener, given talks locally on some of the areas I am passionate about on Energy Work and have been a guest speaker at the Barrie Dowsing group a few times over the past year. Look under the "Events" banner to see what is happening. I also have plans to introduce monthly Gatherings and a few others monthly/bi-monthly meetings that I am not at liberty to disclose....just yet! Keep tuned, you will hear about them here first.

A wee bit about The Gathering. This is a monthly meeting where we share information on topics that fall under the banner of Metaphysics. According to Wikipedia, "Metaphysics" is a branch of philosophy exploring the fundamental nature of reality...." Who is this for? It is for those who seek to understand and explore the meanings of various ideas and beliefs and are aware of, or open to, topics that may not be your everyday "water cooler chat". For example, spirits, ghosts, hauntings, UFO's, multidimentional places, do trees communicate?.....what about our four legged friends etc.. etc, and it is also for those who are just learning and those who are curious. In otherwords, no experience is necessary just a healthy respectful curiosity. It is a safe place to be inquisitive and ask questions with no discrimination. I ran a similar group in Kitchener and it was very well received. Just remember what was "science fiction" a few years back is now becoming part of our life. ..... hmmmm do we live in a Matrix World [remember the movie] created by an AI [artificial intelligence] ? Just say'n.

INTRODUCING "The Gathering..... of like-mind soul"

Are you seeking to understand more about metaphysics and the mysteries that surround us?

Are you seeking to explore other ways to feed your soul’s quest?

Are you seeking other spirit-minded people to gather with?

Are you seeking new ways to realize your full potential?

Are you seeking to have more meaning in your life?

Whether you are just beginning on this part of your life’s journey, or are an experienced practitioner/metaphysician, or are just curious and have questions, you are invited to gather with souls of like-mind who are intent on moving forward on this life’s journey in a consciously proactive way.

Initial Meeting is Tuesday June 8th; 7 to 10 pm. $20.00. Generally there is discussion for about 1 hour or so with a break for 1/2 an hour to enjoy some goodies and to meet and greet and discuss amongst yourselves what is being talked about then we gather back to finish the evenings discussion as a group. I invite you to bring your business cards if you like and network. Location is 288 Scott Street in Midland. 705-527-0881 Please call and let me know if you are planning on attending so I can set up the appropriate seating.

Please note I do have a cat for those allergy sensitive. I can put her in another room but she does not go outside. 

May you express love every second, smile every minute, laugh every hour, sing every day and may you be the highest expression of who you are in all ways, always!

Abundant Blessings,

Carol McClure Baltkalns

I love receiving your emails about any of the topics I have written about, or perhaps a topic you would like me to discuss.

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