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Creating Soul Essence Portraits

Celebrating Special Moments

....all in stained glass!

One thing I have come to accept is that as we move through our life and embrace our Soul`s Divinity, it is often amazing where we find ourselves led.

Admitting that I AM a stained glass artist has taken me a while; I had actually taken a break from working with glass to pursue other forms of art that I hoped would allow me to express how I felt and what I saw when I worked with my clients and the spirits that are a part of their lives. Of course, I am sure you have all heard the old line ``want to make God laugh, tell her your plans``. And so it was the summer of 2012 to be exact.

“Spirit Rising” was literally commissioned by my spirit guide Soultalker one evening during a dream. Earlier that day, I had been working with a grieving client to help them over the hurdles as the anniversary date of the transition of their daughter approached. During the working session, I was led to use visions of White Light Rain and White Butterflies to help lift the Spirit up to the Light. The actualization of this stained glass panel is as close a reproduction of what I saw during that dream. (scroll down to see pictures of it)

While I was working to bring this lovely panel into the light of reality, I received much guidance from Soultalker, including the guidance that this was to become an offering to others who would find this type of art uplifting. It is a beautiful way to capture the Soul Essence of the memory of a loved one or celebrate a special moment that will last for a very, very long time and one that will reflect the light of love every day, in every way. Each piece is unique and comes with its own story.

I would be honoured to work with you to capture the vision that best reflects what spirit is wanting to gift to you as a memory. It will be unique, based on our conversations and my communicating with the appropriate spirits around you. Then again, you may have something very specific in your mind. I am open to working with you in whatever way supports your manifesting just the right piece of art. And remember, stained glass is not just for hanging in windows!

Scroll down and browse through some of the pieces I have done in the past. I would be interested in your comments as well. Some of these pieces are available for sale and are noted as such. If you would like a pattern designed for you and not the actual glass piece, I am happy to do that as well.

If you would like to ask me about a commission - be it a design only or the design and the final panel, please email me at I would love to talk with you.

Untitled. KWSA [Kitchener/Waterloo Society of Artists] Christmas Gift Exchange.

I put this small piece together for our exchange; not knowing who would receive it, I asked my guides to show me a design that would work well for the person who would chose it not knowing what they were picking. The gentleman came over to me after he had chosen and said it was perfect as he really likes this art deco style and was going to hang it on a wall! Of course, my goal is to get people to consider hanging glass on the wall because it looks just as lovely as a painting! 

Size is 7" x 13".

Gone home!


This was designed for Pat, a lady who absolutely loves lighthouses and is passionate about collecting them. They are everywhere in her house. You can sit in her kitchen and watch large cargo boats go by on the St. Mary's River.There is even a lighthouse "down the road and around the bend!" .

Another custom creation finds its home.

Size: 14" x 18"


I fell in love with the red and amber glass in this photo - it makes the flower come alive and if you enlarge it you will notice it has some interesting inclusions in the large petal on the right hand side of the flower. There is definitely a lot of flow and movement as the leaves and petals of the flower move outside of the boundary of the panel, breathing life in to this beauty!

This panel would look lovely in a narrow window or as a hanging on an interior wall - spectacular when the sun backlights it as well.

Size is 9" x 25"


$220.00 plus S&H if required

“A MOTHER'S BOND” Recently a client of mine asked if I could link in to two children she had 43 years ago. They were born 9 months apart and both transitioned within two days of their birth. “Staurt” and “Wendy” came through very easily and were able to provide evidential messages that satisfied her knowing that I had in fact communicated with their Soul Essence. When I was finished she asked if I would create a stained glass Soul Essence Portrait for her to represent their spirits.

With the assistance of my guide, SoulTalker, I was given a vision that is what you see here and “A Mother’s Bond”, so christened by my client, was born.  

The dark violet flames (shown to the left back lit by the sun) represent the Violet Flame of God (my understanding is it is the fire of God that transforms and returns all matter back to the Light) and the white glass within these flames represent angelic presence. The two bevels, that literally send rainbows into the room when the sunlight illuminates them, represent each of the children and their soul light. The turquoise grid represents the Divine Matrix and where two of the matrix lines cross behind each bevel, is the unique matrix for each child. You will also note that there is also one “matrix” that appears on the right hand side and that represents another child that was birthed and is still alive today. The background glass is clear on clear with a lot of swirling motion and represents on-going​

movement throughout the ethers.           Size is 14" x 27" Completed February 2013.


Life is expressed through the very nature that surrounds each and every one of us. It is reflected in the leaves of the trees as they go through the four seasons: Spring (birthing and unfolding) Summer (vitality and growth with possibly a few blemishes) Autumn (being very visible and comfortable with who you are and not being afraid to proclaim it!!!) And, finally Winter [time of transition and making way for the new and as yet unknown] This piece measures approx. 4 feet x 4 feet and requires an open space to hang. A wall or a large window would work perfectly. Each "Leaf" measures approximatley 15.4 inches by 11.4 inches, although each piece will vary somewhat. Each leaf has been custom designed for this particular piece. I will not break this piece of art into individual leaves, but if you are interested in a single or even larger leaf, that is also an option. AVAILABLE. $1000.00


Received an Honourable Mention at the KWSA Juried Art Show! So many wonderful comments about this particular piece. It definitely has soul!!! I was working with a wonderful client who had lost their child and I was inspired by spirit that night to produce a stained glass piece that reflected the work we did together and included three important elements – white light rain, spirit and white butterflies to help lift the spirit’s transition into the Light. Actually I was shown the piece just as it appears in the attached photograph. Manifesting it took quite a bit longer. The title is “Spirit Rising” and it measures 18” by 24”. $500.00


This is the same panel, backlit by the morning sun changing the colour and tone of the butterflies from white to gold. Beautiful!


This probably was one of the most difficult panels I have done. I had been reading a lot about fractals and seeing the ideas in my dreams. The challenge became to use all off cut pieces of glass without altering their appearance. It receives a lot of great comments . Every one who views it sees something different and personal. Size approx. 18`` x 20`` Custom "fractal" pieces can be designed just for you.


I love iris. I drew this up freehand then went to work on it creating a beautiful rendition. The iris itself floats inside the oval. Size is approx. 24`` x 30`` - Available for Sale $600.00


This panel was made for the long window beside my main door when I lived in Elora. For many years it lay underneath my chesterfield until a friend unearthed it and demanded that it be hung against the wall. In the evening I turn on a lamp to backlight it. It measures approximately 12 ìnches x 5-1/2 feet. The centre is a bevel cluster.It looks quite spectacular even though it is not hung in the window. This piece is not for sale. However, a similair custom piece can be made in your colour/s and choice of centre bevel !

Bifold door with glass insert and lamp shade on an antique brass lamp stand

These two are actually in my living room and were among two of the first projects I did. The door was used for my healing room in Fergus when I lived there.


10 inch bevelled circle with interior bevels and small glass "blobs" to represent the flow of water. Lots of movement. Available for Sale. $125.00

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