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Testimonials from clients about our time together are critical to my work and all have given me permission to use these statements. I don't advertise so word of mouth is basically the way people find out about my services - and of course my website! Here is what some of my clients say about me :

Carol, I'm so happy I met you.

Words can't describe my experience with you. I LOVE meeting people who "get" me :)

I feel really confident that I have some tools to grasp and I know you are available for further support. It's a relief to me and hard for me to describe.

I always need to sleep on things for such big experience. Can't thank you enough.

Blessings to you.With gratitude and love A.

I have had the remarkable delight and pleasure to have had Carol help me in eliminating sub conscious road blocks that I knew I had from the results that were continually showing up in my life.

Her use of psych k techniques plus her other modalities has been instrumental in my writing new and far more exciting chapters in my life than the "same old same old" I was mustering to that point with my sub-conscious limiting beliefs.

Not only does she "take out the trash" but any session I had with her was fun. She always makes me laugh and her insights and humour make the time fly by way too quickly.

If you are looking for beneficial change then you stumbled upon the right website.

She will help you realize those aspirations that you deserve. You will need to do the work but it will be enjoyable.

I found Carol to be an excellent guide and facilitator and she made it easy for me to do the internal work that has had lasting and positive effects.

Jim W.

I recently had the opportunity to have a session with Carol. I entered the session feeling stuck and immobilized in my business. She took me through some powerful processes that cleared my energy. By the time we were completed the session, I felt a sense of hope and optimism for my future. Beginning the next day, I noticed that clients started to sign up for my services, I received calls and inquiries for new business. In a few short weeks, my business has taken off and I have a new sense of power and belief in myself, my business – thank you Carol for your amazing facilitation skills!

In gratitude,

Sylvia Plester-Silk, Principal Facilitator, On Purpose Consulting

Thank you Carol for the remote sessions that you have done for me in the past 2 years following my daughters passing. At this time of year, as the anniversary date of her passing looms, I am particularly emotional and sensitive to additional energy that surrounds me. Last year when you helped to do a clearing of my cottage while I was up here, it made a huge difference to the vibe of my place. I also felt more calm and grounded too. This year, your recent remote session which included the visualizations have helped me to calm my soul. Additionally, as an artist I have appreciated you working with me through imagery in order for me to remember the visualizations so that I can do them through out the year which has helped overall with my grief work. Again many thanks. J.H.

"A visit with Carol is like having your mind, body & spirit calibrated. The first part of the appointment let’s me express my concerns and update Carol about what is happening in my life. It can be my health, business or relationships. It doesn’t matter which, Carol understands. The 2 part of session allows Carol to use her magic powers to “talk” to my body. Stresses are released. Bad energies are pulled out of me. After our sessions I feel rejuvenated & ready to face the world. K.”

Carol, you have taken a woman who thought her life had been all for nothing and changed me. You have given me a new sense of hope, my fears, my doubts, the hate and question about my mother and others in my life are slowly being brought out into the light. I could not have done this without your help or your gift. Your help and guidance have shown me how to find answers to questions I could not find on my own. DH

Carol's genuine interest in me was evident as she compassionately added context and understanding to the details of my past and present lives. Perhaps the most significant and beneficial skill Carol possesses is the ability to intuit what I should do with the information to benefit me in this lifetime. GS

My meeting with Carol profoundly changed my life and the way I live. Being aware of my own soul, my own purpose and living life directed to my own benefit, and ultimately living my life’s purpose has been the most freeing, exciting and at times uncertain, but the most rewarding experience I could have ever hoped for. There’s being alive and then there is living. I am finally living. “MM”

From age 11, an overwhelming feeling of grief has overshadowed most of my life - I had a dream in which my brother (in the dream) died, and I was inconsolable for several months. Up until a few months ago, my emotional reactions at times resembled those of a young person, not a mature adult. A couple of years ago I saw Carol and she was able to "send on" the spirit of a young boy who had been riding along with me - when she did that, I could feel the physical effect of more space in my chest area, and could feel the pinch of the energetic hook when it was dislodged. This definitely helped my emotional situation, and resolved a lot of these feelings of grief. However, there was still feelings I was puzzled about - the odd feeling of "well, this is all there is", etc. which is DEFINITELY not how I feel about life!

At the Quantum Healing Day [held at Unity Church in Kitchener], I asked Carol about this same situation and that I wanted to get to the bottom of this. She was able to contact a previous life where I was a pair of conjoined twins - I immediately knew they were Chinese, and could see them laying in the barn, with the sun shining through a hole in the roof where they had been abandoned and left to die. They were about 11 years old (my age when I had the "grief" dream, and the age of the little boy that Carol had moved on for me a few years ago) - and with that kind of connection, no wonder I had the strange feelings of "well, this is all there is" - was just having them in the wrong life! I went back to the twins, energetically, and was able to comfort them, and let them know that we had moved on - we got them separated, and I promised to look after them and they turned into twin pillars of golden light, and alighted in my heart. That was quite a wow moment.....since then, I have actually been able to cry with happiness, instead of it immediately turning into grief, and my feelings are far more "appropriate" for my age. The pillars have moved up into my crown chakra, and I feel that they will eventually reintegrate wherever they need to be..I can't thank Carol enough for that 10 minutes of work that basically emotionally freed up my life. I plan on having more work with her, and can't recommend her highly enough. A million thanks, Carol!"

sincerely,Christine Ball

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