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POWERED BY VOXX HPT ... VOXXLIFE is a privately held Canadian technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance.


thank you for taking a closer look at VOXX Life HPT. It is remarkable how our Neurological Performance Socks and Insoles are "Changing Lives" daily and helping people with MS, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's, Joint Pain, Balance issues, Circulation and much more.

From a Sports and Athletic side of things there is a huge competitive advantage with increased balance, strength, range of motion, flexibility and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Please take a look around and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

If you want to connect to me direct, please email me at

Want to host a "sock hop" party and share the "Voxx Challenge" with your friends, please contact me. I have contacts outside of the Midland/Penetanguishene/ Orillia/Barrie Kitchener, Waterloo, Fergus, Elora, etc. We are family and always willing to share!

A few Testimonials [sorry, I know these are a bit long but when one is excited about pain not being in their life anymore, it is hard to stop them!]

We have a page for Voxxlife Testimonials. I would love to add anyone who is skeptical or is looking to see if they will help your wellness. There is a search button for you to seek your specific issue. Let me know.

Here are just two for you to look at!

" am finally reclaiming my life! At this time six years ago, I was in perfect health. Physically active, working for the federal government, happily married for just over a year and 7.5 mths pregnant with my son.

About 6 weeks after Alex was born, I started to feel pain in my feet when I would get up from bed or sitting; kind of like my muscles would seize when at rest. Then, the pain would progress to almost constant and move up from feet to just below the knees. I'd go for a 2 hr walk every single day so Alex would benefit from fresh air and his daily discoveries. The downside was that I would pay for those walks... We'd come back after the walk and I'd literally sit in the rocking chair, crying from shear pain. Despite the severity of the pain, I kept up the walks for over 2 years...At which point I couldn't take it anymore and stopped. I went on short term disability after my mat leave ended. Things like cutting the grass would absolutely kill me with pain that would last for hours. Running after the kids became very hard (by that time, we had our little Julianna). Simple things like cooking became unbelievably hard to do and resulted in crying in pain. I saw numerous doctors and specialists and had even more tests... From bone scans to MRIs to blood tests, no one could figure out the problem definitively. I had researched it and I had all the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy...2 doctors agreed and that's where it stopped... Because no pills ever helped with the pain, so I suffered. Mostly in silence because 95% of people around me knew nothing about that... I'm just not one to call out for sympathy and deal with things on my own.

I never was able to go back to work and eventually resigned from my position. I accepted that this was my new life and decided to live with it rather than try taking pill after pill till something helped. Pain. Every day, all day.

I went over last Monday my friend and she was telling me about the insoles and socks...showing me the options. I was REALLY hoping these would help me buy was conflicted as to which ones to get. So while we're sitting outside, she put the insoles on the ground in front of me and said "don't get up, just put your feet on them for 5 minutes and see what happens". I did.

I can't even explain to you what happened or how...All I know, is that I stood up for the first time in almost 6 yrs...without pain. Normally after my legs are at rest for more than a few minutes, standing up and walking is hard and painful.

Having my feet simply touching the insoles while sitting for 5 minutes was a blessing and an amazing gift.

Calling my husband a short while later, I couldn't stop crying because I could remember the last time my feet and legs didn't hurt!

And so to anyone that doubts the effects of this product, it's truly life-changing...Give it a try!"

"..After a couple of motor vehicle accidents since 2013 : my hip/thigh joints malfunction and pop when I walk or shift my weight. TMJ (malfunctioning jaw), a malfunctioning shoulder cuff, back pain, neck pain, burning sensations on my skin with no rash, dizziness, lack of energy, stiffness in the mornings, muscle pain, headaches and migraines so severe they would make me throw up uncont...rollably. I have had many tests done, including bone scan, MRI, CT scan, xrays, Nerve tests. Each migraine I get is worse than the last.. but the doctors still haven't found anything that could be causing the migraines and headaches.. I would get a headache 3-5 times a week (until i started wearing voxx socks!) and a migraine every couple of months. In February 2016 I was diagnosed with Vertigo after an episode had me disorientated, falling over and vomiting. March 2016 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. June 24 2017 I was sitting by a campfire with my family when i started to get a headache, I went to take my new migraine medication but threw up right away, hugging the toilet I had 2 ice packs, one on my head and one on my neck, and i was crying because it was hurting so bad!! My mother had to drive me to the ER at 2 am because I could not keep any pain meds down and I needed some relief really bad. The next day my sister Alicia spoke to her friend who introduced her to Voxx HPT socks. My sister bought me a pair to try because she couldn't stand to see me in that kind of pain. I literally wanted to die it was so bad. Ever since I got those voxx socks, I have had much less headaches and no migraine yet. Because of wearing these socks every night to bed and during the day, I can drive long distances without feeling extremely disorientated after, my dizziness is under control, My shoulder no longer bugs me, I have more strength, energy and balance and I NO LONGER feel stiff in the morning! These voxx socks have truly improved my quality of life! I dont even clench my jaw or grind my teeth in my sleep anymore !! I am able to workout and exercise with more ease and less pain than before! I can honestly say, I am happier and I am starting to feel like myself again, thanks to Voxx HPT socks. I am so grateful for voxxlife!! "

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